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Storm Checklist

Storms are a fact of life living in Queensland, you are better safe than sorry. Here is a quick checklist to have you prepared when a storm hits our shores.

1. Prepare your home: Check all windows or loose furniture, tape windows if necessary and if possible, check guttering for any build up.
2. Pets: In the rush, don’t forget to check your pets are inside safe with water and food.
3. Backup accommodation: If your home is prone to flooding prepare to evacuate. Even though Cyclone’s may hit land in another area of Queensland, this can often result in flash flooding.
4. Insurance: Ensure you check your insurance policies are up-to-date.
5. Emergency Kit: Water, batteries, non-perishable food.
6. Watch warnings: Keep an eye out on the warning updates on both social media and radio. Ipswich City Council Emergency Management provides helpful information in being prepared for and informed during a natural disaster event.
7. Renting: If you are renting through our property management department, please get in touch with your Relationship Manager to let them know any damages as soon as possible.
8. Contact: In case of emergency please contact the SES on 13 74 68 and refer to our Maintenance Request page.
9. Keep calm: As a community, we have been through this many times before.
10. Safety: Stay safe and look out for your neighbours and at risk members of the community.